ART TO GO Activity 8

CREATE A TEMPORARY WALL INSTALLATION in your home and get everyone in your household involved in the creative process!  

This activity is inspired by Henri Matisse's paper cut-outs.  They are called cut-outs because he would cut out pieces of painted paper to create collages. He began to make these colorful, paper works in the late sixties because of health issues that made it hard for him to paint. Matisse ended up liking the new material over painting. 

  1. Freehand shape designs with a pencil onto the paper and cut them out.  You can use the shapes you like the best as a template to trace and make more. Make the shapes at least 3" by 3". 
  2. Cut out at least 15-20 shapes to allow you to create a large pattern.
  3. Find a blank wall in your home that you have permission to use by your family or use painter's tape to attach a white piece of paper to the wall.
  4. Use the painter's tape to attach tape to the back of each shape and create a fun pattern on your wall or paper with the shapes.
  5. Take a picture to document your masterpiece.
  6. Change out the pattern every week or if you created the pattern on paper you have a permanent piece of art to keep!


Check out Installations created by Christo and Jeanne Claude.






Friday, April 10, 2020 - 12:00am
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art